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A Better City Today and Tomorrow

A Better City Today and Tomorrow

I have lived in La Canada Flintridge for 27 years and want to help our city continue to be the best it can be today and tomorrow for all. As a City Council member I will be committed to:

  • Developing a strategic plan that ensures our city is prepared to meet the needs of our community today and prepares and secures a better future

    • Efficient and flexible to allow for changes as necessary

    • Nimble infrastructure to support evolving plan and community

    • Reviewed and Revised Annually

  • Protecting our Public Safety

    • ​Partnership and Collaboration with CV Sheriff’s Department ensuring proactive
      patrols, response times, data analysis from security cameras and our Mobile Command Center are utilized for optimized protection with key performance metrics outlined in contract agreement and updates as necessary

    • Partnering with key stakeholders such as our schools, retailers, neighborhood
      watch programs and citizens to develop best practices that we can implement to
      help keep crime low

  • Developing and distributing an emergency preparedness program that addresses natural and man-made disasters that is communicated, accessible and straightforward

    • Develop and implement updated LCF Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

  • Ensuring our city is proactive with climate change responsibilities that will benefit our current and next generation of residents

    • ​Implement updated LCF Climate Action Adaptation Plan focusing on Top 10 Biggest Bang for Your Buck Targets as outlined in the plan.

    • Work with trash haulers to meet local SB1383 requirements and proactively plan for upcoming trash hauler review​

  • Housing that Meets State Mandates

    • ​Responsible development in accordance with the city's Housing Element and zoning requirements

  • Robust School Support

    • Enhance collaboration and partnership with LCUSD school board

    • Provide safe environment in and around school areas

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